The “Europolis” Residential Complex is located in the Medeu district of Almaty city, in a picturesque area in the Zailiysky Alatau foothills and is built following on from the modern trends of elite urban construction. Unique location in the upper part of the city on a large area in one of the most beautiful and ecologically clean zones of the city, south of Koktobe mountain, near Dostyk avenue thoroughfare set it apart.

The complex is located on an immense territory (37 hectares), framed by the majestic mountain ranges of the Zailiyskiy Alatau. Residential complex is located on 16 hectares of a mountain plateau, and park area Promenade “Europolis” and a sports zone framing the complex takes in the remaining part of area in 21 hectares. Medeu gorge morning and evening mountain breezes go through this mountain plateau as city aircourses.

The atmosphere of a country house is favorably combined with the proximity to the Almaty city center, the main Kazakhstan financial center. The advantageous territorial location of the complex “Europolis” is also in its proximity to the largest business centers of the city, located along Dostyk and Al Farabi avenue, and Furmanov street, as well as to all administrative centers of the city, such as the Residence of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the city akimat and other administrative institutions.

Almaty International Airport is located just a 20-minute drive from the complex.

The complex is surrounded by many architectural monuments, cultural, park and sports facilities of national importance. High-mountainous complexes “Medeu” and “Shymbulak”, tourist center “Tuyuksu”, which are visited annually by thousands of tourists, are in 15 minutes drive. These objects became the venue for the Winter Asian Games and in the winter of 2011 and as a result, the high-mountain complex “Shymbulak” was assigned a status of an international resort.


Entrance into the complex area is carried out from Dostyk avenue, above the Luxor SPA Center and the Royal Tulip hotel a turn to left at the first traffic lights, then follow the signs to the checkpoint of the Europolis residential complex. Entrance to the territory of the complex has an individual architectural design using sculptural groups, ornamental tree and shrubbery plantings, flower beds.

Europolis Company has reconstructed two sections of the road with a total length of 1.5 km at its own expense. Steel beaten guard was along the road and decorative beaten latticed and chain fences along the sidewalks and lanterns in a classical style have been installed; lawns and flower beds have been laid down; bushes, young plants of deciduous and coniferous trees as well as adult trees have been set out.

Vital service systems

Evropolis residential complex vital service systems and the entire infrastructure are connected to central urban networks and can also operate in an autonomous mode in the event of a network failure.

Power supply input

In order to provide the complex with electricity, the Company built a stand-alone electrical substation (16 MW), which is equipped with equipment from ABB and Siemens companies with fiber-optic communication systems. The electrical substation is equipped with two boosters of 10,000 kW each, which fully meet the needs of the residential complex, as well as with a reserve booster with a capacity of up to 6,000 kW to connect a number of neighboring consumers. Wilson's standby diesel power plant will provide the complex with power in case of failure.


Heat supply system

The Company built a stand-alone autonomous boiler house on gas fuel to develop the heat supply system of the complex. The boiler house is equipped with three Vitomax boilers from the German company Viessmann, 3.2 megawatts each. Two of them provide the heat requirement and hot water supply, and the third is a reserve one.

The boiler house also has two diesel generators and two tanks with diesel fuel of 200 cubic meters each.


Water supply

The company has conducted a water supply system, which is connected to the Municipal Enterprise of Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment through 14 pumping stations.

As a reserve an abstraction intake, two reservoirs and two wells drilled will be able to provide the complex with clean water on on the complex area in case of emergency. The abstraction intake cleans water additionally from the urban system and supplies residents of the complex.

Sewerage system

The Company has built drain and sewage systems which are connected to the city sewage system at its own expense on the complex area.

Security systems

The Europolis residential complex is located in a protected area and consists of eight modern multi-storey residential buildings. The area of the complex is 16 hectares. A multi-level security system operates on the fenced territory of the complex. The first security perimeter consists of a five-meter-high fence from the wrought-iron lattice with video cameras installed passing through the entire border of the territory, and of the two guard posts, with barriers, at the entrance to the complex. The second level of security includes guard posts with 24-hour observation located in each yard, as well as guard posts in a parking lot, a sports complex and a health center. The third level of security includes individual apartment alarm systems, as well as external doors of entrances opening with the help of individual keys and cards, alarm systems for commercial premises, offices and vehicles, signals from which are immediately recorded and checked by security officials at any time of the day and night.


Real-service Operational Company

A single company Real-Service manages the residential complex.

The residential complex is fully equipped with modern telecommunications systems, its own boiler house from the German company Viessman, operating on eco-friendly gas, water supply system with its own abstraction intake. Real-Service Company is engaged in maintenance and operation of the listed facilities and installation of the Europolis residential complex.

The complex area is situated 200-300 meters higher up of the city average level, and this fact causes the management peculiarity of the complex utilities system and the need of cleanup the site and roads surrounding the complex during the heavy snowfalls period. The management company, which has special equipment for cleaning territories and roads gets on successfully with all these peculiarities.

Real-service also monitors the maintenance of high-quality finishing of facades and internal communal areas of residential buildings in the due form, as well as makes landscape gardening, servicing of recreation areas, children's playground and gazebos. Noiseless high-speed elevators of ThyssenKruppAG Company, one of the world's leading manufacturers of elevators, operate in residential buildings.